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“I’m in a way better place because I learned that healing is a collective thing. Healing requires community, and to have a community that is actually accessible, actually doesn’t feel like a strain on you mentally”
(A. Alexander, program participant Spring 2021)

“You’re creating the community with us in mind. And I think that’s why it feels so comfortable, and it feels so safe. Because like the like-minded people are kind of finding each other”
(L. Brown,  program/event participant Fall 2021)

“Because of this program, I’m now able to like, just be more open-minded, or take the initiative on certain things that I never thought was that important, but that do play key roles, like you know, just like even thinking about going back to therapy. Because when you take care of like those key things in yourself, your growth is just so much better. And I feel like I’ve been so much more productive and so much more self-motivated”
(V. Henry, program participant Fall 2021)

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